Monday, 14 November 2016

Fly to Jeju Island.

Jeju Island is so far the best place I've visit since it has so many places to go and each places didn't take too much time. Flying from Seoul to Jeju Island takes around 2 hours (if I'm not mistaken) and we're using Jeju Air.

Trick Art Museum

Outside the museum.

 We also visited the village nearby.

 Next we move on to Ecoland! It is so beautiful. Everything is white and I get to play with ice! 

After few hours in Ecoland, we went to Glass Castle. Glass Castle they really mean glass. Everything is glass!

Went to a lot of places and didn't realised it was already night. The last place we visited is Teddy Bear Museum

Guess what?!! It's snowflake Jeju!


  1. Mona Lisa .. and the snow was so very cool

  2. Interesting.. Nice place to visit.

  3. Interesting.. Nice place to visit.